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        Power Management Methods:• Speed Control Driver (Frequency Convertor)
        Power Options:


        • 4 kW
        • 5.5 kW
        • 7.5 kW
        • 11 kW
        • 15 kW
        • 18.5 kW
        • 22 kW



        • 30 kW
        • 37 kW
        • 45 kW
        • 55 kW
        • 75 kW



        • 90 kW
        • 110 kW
        • 132 kW
        • 160 kW
        • 200 kW
        • 250 kW
        • 285 kW
        Technical Specifications:

        • Special design for water and wastewater pump applications
        • Nominal Input Voltage and Power Range: 380 – 480 V ±10%
        • THD: THD <%48 (at %80-%100 load)
        • Power Factor : At nominal load 0,98
        • Efficiency: 98% for the standard speed control devices
        • Speed up/down time: Adjustable, linear ramp, S ramp, U profile or specific profile,
        • Over loadability: 110% of the nominal current is drawn for 1 minute in every 10 minutes. And
        in hard conditions, 150% of the nominal current is drawn for 1 minute in every 10 minutes.
        • Working temperature : For standard AC speed controlling devices, no losses between 0°C - + 45°C
        • Storage temperature : Between -15°C +60°C,
        • Maximum relative humidity: According to IEC 60068-2-2`up to 95% without condensation.
        • Corrosion level: According to IEC 721-3-3 3C3 Class towards cooling weather and chemical gasses.
        • Biological protection : Compatible with IEC 721-3-3
        • Dust protection : Compatible with IEC 721-3-3 and class 3S3

        Technical Specifications:• Vibration and shock level: Compatible with IEC 60068-2 Electrostatic Discharging: Compatible with IEC/EN 61000-4-2
        • Electromagnetic Field: Compatible with IEC/EN 61000-4-3
        • Fast Transient Response: Compatible with IEC/ EN 61000-4-4
        • Surge Compatibility: Compatible with IEC/EN 61000-4-5
        • Electromagnetic Compatibility: Compatible with IEC/EN 61800- 3 so that the device which
        has RFI/EMC filter, can feed without the need of additional equipment up to 150 m with its own cabling
        • Automatic energy saving and optimization mode which will operate according to the model of the motor and can provide additional energy saving.
        • Internal circuitry or external DC choke coil to protect the grid and the devices around which supresses the harmonics in the frequency convertor and limits the input current.
        • Has a vectoral and scalar control modes that are designed to drive loads that has variable or constant moments.
        • Able to drive motors that has permanent magnets and with high efficiency.
        Technical Specifications:

        • The AC Speed Control Device can supply more than 110% of the nominal motor moment for 1 minute in every 10 minutes in normal mode.
        • The automatic motor recognition mode, which models the electrical modelling of the motor, is present to prevent the mismatches between the motor and the motor equipment.
        • To be able to perform PID control by connecting the equipment that are used in the process (e.g. Pressure Convertor) to the analog input.
        • The pressure value (in Bar) can be read from the panel that is on the device.
        • PLC Included
        • “PID Autotuning”
        • 3 different quantities can be monitored from the panel that is on the device. These quantities may be associated with the motor, the process or the device.
        • Speed control devices have adjustable control panel and the speed can be adjusted from the panel or from the digital inputs.
        • The motor control can be cancelled from the panel or the parameters that belong to the driver can be locked with a password.
        • This panel can be mounted on the panel door in which the driver is present with an extension cable.
        • Auto and manual modes can be selected from the panel
        • All circuit boards are varnished in order to be protected from the problems that can arise from the environmental conditions.
        • Has an internal Modbus RTU port.
        • Also supports additional communication cards such as Profibus, Ethernet, Profinet, Devicenet etc.

        Current Transformer:• Yes(Depends on the Power)
        Cooler:• Yes(Depends on the Power)
        Surge Detection:• Optional
        Panel Material and Dimensions:• Type 1 : 60x140x50 cm
        • Type 2 : 60x190x50 cm
        • Type 3 : 60x220x60 cm



        Where can I use this product?• Drinking Water
        • Agricultural irrigation
        • Management of Process water
        In what kind of stations, I can use this product?• Well Pumps
        • Lift Pumps
        • Waste water pumps
        What are the advantages?

        • Used in full speed applications to soft start the motor.
        • Eliminates the voltage surge and drawing over current when motor starts

        Advanced options• Can perform energy efficiency
        o Constant pressure
        o Constant flow
        o Constant underground water level

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