• kuyu

        The Specifications of the PLC Controller:• 9 channel 24VDC PNP/NPN Input
        • 6 channel 230VAC 5A relay output
        • 1 channel 0-10VDC/0-20mADC optional analog input (12-bit resolution)
        • 1 channel 0-20mADC analog output (14-bit resolution)
        • Can be expanded by maximum 16 expansion units due to the modular structure
        • Communication over the network via a 100MBit ethernet port
        • MODBUS TCP support
        • RS232 ve RS485 communication ports
        • MODBUS RTU support
        • Decimal operation support
        • 12ns processing speed
        • RTC (Real Time Clock)
        • Supplied by 24VDC
        • Power Consumption < 3W
        • Working temperature between 0°C and +50°C
        • Can be programmed with Ladder Logic Diagram Editor
        Power Supply:• 2.5A, 60W SMPS
        • 24VDC Output, 100-240VAC or 90-350VDC Input
        • Efficiency %88
        • Over power protection, over voltage protection
        • Working temperature between -25°C and +60°C
        Uninterruptible Power Supply:• 600VA AC UPS
        • Controlled by line-interactive microcontroller
        • 162-290VAC input voltage range
        • Protections for short circuit, overcurrent, overload,
        overcharging or over-discharging the battery
        • 1x12V 7Ah Battery
        • Working temperature is between 0°C ile +40°C
        GSM Communication:• 3G Industrial Router
        • Communication speed; 3G 14.4Mbps, 2G 236.8 Kbps
        • IEEE 802.11b/g/n, can be used as Wifi access point or station
        • 2 Ethernet ports
        • Routing, network protocols, firewall, DHCP, QoS, network backup, load balancing, DDOS prevention, port scanning prevention, WPA-2Ent Wifi
        encryption, mobile quota control, web filters, access control, VPN, APN
        • RutOS: Linux-based operating system
        • 1 digital input, 1 digital output
        • Operates with 9-30VDC
        • Power consumption < 5W
        • Working temperature is between -40°C ile +75°C
        Malfunction Indicators and Buttons:• 2 LEDs as malfunction and run indicators
        • 3-step button (Koru1000 SCADA, Service/Stop mode, manual start mode)
        Panel Specifications and Dimensions:• PVC 40x60x22 cm
        Panel Weight:• 11,85 Kg

      • Abilities

        Where can I use this product?• Drinking water applications
        • Agricultural irrigation applications
        • Management of process water
        In what kind of stations, I can use this product?• Well Water Control
        Automatic Operating Scenarios• Can work automatically depending on the linked water reservoir (Koru1000 Link)
        • Can work according to a time table
        Sensor support1 analog sensor can be connected:
        • Flowmeter
        • Pressure Sensor
        • Ground water level or reservoir water level sensor
        What happens when the communication is interrupted?Works automatically according to the determined time periods
        Hardware upgradeable?Yes
        7/24 system support?Yes
        Software supportIntegration to the Koru1000 water management system over Koru1000 cloud.
        External SCADA supportIntegration to all SCADA systems that supports Modbus TCP

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