Compact Type Pressure Management Area Control System

The SMART PCS product consists of an integrated mechanical system and electronic control unit that enables the automatic operation of pressure management areas. It is an innovative product developed to reduce water loss-leakage in the network due to high pressure. According to the consumption of water subscribers in the region, it can adaptively fix the network pressure at the value desired by the user with the PID method. In this way, the mains pressure is optimized and the current mains loss-leakage is significantly reduced. The width of the mechanical units of the product is 110cm for DN150 diameter. Therefore, it can be used easily in narrow manholes.

System Components:

  • Proportional actuator pilot controlled Pressure Reduction Valve (PRV)
  • AQUA CNT 100S compact type remote controller (with Modbus TCP communication over GSM)
  • Electromagnetic flowmeter that does not require straight pipe distance (0.5% sensitivity)
  • Compact strainer (filter)
  • 3 x pressure sensors (system inlet pressure, filter outlet pressure and system outlet pressure)
  • 2 x 33Ah Lead-Carbon (CGD) Batteries
  • Solar panel, pole and charge controller


  • Manual operation scenario: BKV output pressure is automatically adjusted to the pressure set by the user with the help of the actuator
  • Automatic operating scenario:
    • Time-programmed operation: The system automatically adjusts the network pressure according to the pressure set by the user for 12 time zones and for each zone. Different pressure adjustment options are available for special occasions such as religious days and holidays.
    • Working according to the end point reference pressure: It automatically adjusts the pressure of the network in a way that brings the pressure value read by an AQUA CNT device on the network controlled by BKV to the value set by the user.
  • Safety features: device alarms can be triggered by defining upper and lower limits of flow rate and system inlet pressure. Emergency scenarios to be operated in the event of an alarm can be determined (eg: fully close the BKV, fully open or open at a certain rate).
  • It has the ability to work up to 48 hours with existing batteries and batteries in case of mains or solar energy cuts.

Optional features:

  • DC UPS and SMPS power supply option instead of solar panel, pole and regulator in manhole rooms with electrical energy
  • TURKAK 17025 certified, 0.2% precision electromagnetic flowmeter option that does not require straight pipe distance
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