Electromagnetic Flowmeter with Seperated Converter EF110

Electromagnetic Flowmeter with Seperated Converter EF110

Seperated / Wall-mounted Converter Unit Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Split Head or Seperated Converter Electromagnetic Flowmeters can be easily used in all liquids with conductivity over 20 uS. They provide a healthy and long-lasting measurement opportunity by changing the sensor selection in liquids with corrosive properties according to different substances. The inner surface can be preferred as rubber or PTFE. The device, allowing density adjustment, flow unit adjustment, and temperature adjustment, can be used safely in different liquids with any density. The device menu is user-friendly and has 4 different encryption and security settings.

General characteristics of electromagnetic flowmeters

* Fast response time and high stability

* High sensitivity up to 0.2% *Double housing cavity to separate the electronics partition

* AC power or 24VDC supply option * RS485; RS232; HART; Profibus;

MODBUS etc. communication options

* 2-way measurement (forward (positive) measurement and reverse (negative) measurement) and NET total feature * Analog, Frequency and Pulse output features

* Lower limit and upper limit alarm output features



· There are no mechanical parts that prevent the flow and reduce the pressure.

· Measurement scale; It is 10 times more than other flow meters.

· All measurements and adjustments can be made/displayed via the integrated or wall-mounted LCD screen. It can be composed according to the process and fluid with the user interface (Density setting can be entered)

· The menu can be protected with a password.

· Simultaneously, instantaneous and total flow can be observed on the LCD screen.

. With the report feature, old data can be examined (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)

. Total flow can only be reset with a password.

· Flow rates between 0.3 and 15 m/s can be measured and the speed can be monitored on the LCD screen.

· Calibration (full-filled and stable fluid-filled pipe) can be done with the menu.

· Measurement accuracy can be achieved as 0.2% ·

Conductivity measurement can be made and displayed on the LCD screen.

· It can take measurements in all homogeneous conductive liquids above 5 uS. It provides resistance to environmental electronic noises through its grounding electrode.

· Thanks to its flange connection, it provides reliable, easy and long-lasting mounting feature. It is protected against external factors thanks to its metal body.

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