About Us


Within the KORUSU group of companies, ENVEST ENERGY AND WATER TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. founded to develop and manufacture innovative electronic and software products for water management in 2012. Since the day it started its activities, ENVEST has developed web-based, universal, economical, user-friendly software and control devices, unlike traditional (high initial investment and operating cost) automation systems. Koru1000 WMS is not a traditional SCADA system expressed in the classical understanding, Koru1000 is a result-oriented water management and future planning system that ensures the sustainability of all processes from the source of water to the end user, without any problems. Web-based Koru1000 system that can operate independently of the user; In addition to pump efficiency analysis, it provides water production and consumption reports to the user. Pump & engine speed with instantly updated data flow; It can adaptively adjust according to flow rate, groundwater level, pressure and power. It can record all data historically and obtain graphical representation of historical data. In today's world, where concepts such as Industry 4.0, internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence come to the fore, Koru1000 water management system intelligently manages the future of water with the tools it contains. Koru1000, designed for the correct and systematic management of our water resources, which is decreasing day by day, is a software and hardware product developed as a result of a 10-year R&D process. In today's world, where unlimited consumption is dominant, we act knowing that the resources we have are not unlimited as they seem. Based on the principle of sustainability, we offer modern water management solutions to protect our world.

Our company's production facilities and test laboratories are in Turkey, Kayseri, Altınoluk region, and our R&D center is in Turkey, Kayseri, Erciyes Technology Development Zone.

                We manufacture controllers, instruments and software that intelligently manage water supply and distribution.