Koru1000 WMS v1.6 Water Management Software

Koru1000 WMS v1.6 Water Management Software

An integrated web-based water management system.


With a functional interface design and advanced infrastructure, Koru1000 offers the services that the user needs.

Koru1000 systems can be used for

• Water wells,
• Water supply stations,
• Water reservoirs,
• Chlorine stations,
• Waste water stations,
• Pressure control rooms and valve control stations.

Koru1000, by obtaining data from the field of application, manages the systems that are used in the production and the distribution of drinking water, the evacuation of waste water, agricultural irrigation, dehydration processes in mine establishments and in industrial processes in a smart way.

Koru1000 Standards

The most important aspects that Koru1000 is interested in are the energy efficiency of the pumps and motors, field hydraulics, borehole hydraulics, specific yield and the performance of the pipes and the cables that are used in the systems. Koru1000 offers easy solutions for these complex processes with user-friendly interfaces.

• The remote control of the water management systems
• Ease of use and plain interface
• Instantly updated data flow
• The number of tags to be defined are not limited
• Authorizing defined users and being able to create as many users as needed
• Storing all the data with a timestamp
• Graphical representation of the data
• Being able to work independently from the user with the aid of automatic modes
• Saves the events and creates alarms (Notifications are available via SMS, e-mail and mobile application notification)
• Can perform the pump efficiency analysis
• Can adjust the speed of the motor with respect to the water flow, water level, water pressure and the power.
• Controlling the underwater level
• Can perform cost analysis
• Can perform the production, consumption and the capacity analysis for water systems 
• Can define system screens and can create system-specific dashboards

How can I use Koru1000?

Koru1000 can be accessed from the devices such as computers, tablets and smart phones. The user can set the parameters so that the system can be operated either in manual or in automatic mode.

Koru1000 User Screens

Koru1000 offers system-specific screens for each system such as water wells, supply stations, reservoirs, chlorine stations, waste water stations, observation rooms and pressure control/valve control rooms. This enables the user to easily distinguish each station from one another so that the stations are managed and operated more efiiciently. All interactions that the user performs are stored in the database.

Koru1000 and SCADA

The most obvious feature of Koru1000 that distinguishes it from the traditional SCADA systems is that it is designed for water applications only. and it has over 40 years’ filed background of our group companies (drilling, hydrogeology, project planning, proper pump, motor group and mechanic instrument selection).

In this era of technology where the concepts such as Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), big data and artificial intelligence are the trending topics, Koru1000 manages the future of water with care  responsibility.

              We manufacture controllers, instruments and software that intelligently manage water supply and distribution.